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A new line of products

New products are being developed in nearly every industry today, and electronics are involved in each one of them somehow. Electronics projects are at the core of these changes, whether commercial shipping with new marine control systems or process improvement initiatives to make a product or service more efficient.
Designing and building prototypes and test platforms from electronic components and subsystems, such as sensors, control systems, communication devices, and actuators, can be time-consuming without the right tools and support.
Fortunately, companies like Virinco Technology specialize in this type of work across multiple industries, including defence, space, agriculture and more!

Customized Solutions

As we move from the summer into the chilly months of Autumn and Winter, many new developments are taking place here at Virinco Technology. We take pride in what we do daily with a team passionate about providing our customers with the best products and services.

We’re excited to tell you about what we are working on and are even more eager to show it off.
Be sure to check back for new details!

Virinco a new line of products

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