Collect and visualize your test & repair data with WATS

Quickly identify production yield issues, frequent product failures, poor test coverage or performance problems.

Integrate any test and repair station to WATS, and democratize your test data.

WATS helps you gain new insights from your manufacturing data.

In real-time, directly through your web browser or mobile device.

Insights you can use to better understand and evolve your existing test processes and product designs. Make these new insights operational with advanced process monitoring rules and automated distribution intelligence.


WATS can integrate to a wide variety of third-party systems and data sources, from turn-key manufacturing test systems, to enterprise software and business intelligence applications.

WATS is a single platform that can collect data from all of your different test systems, regardless of location or data format. We have direct integration with standard software solutions such as NI TestStand and ATEasy. There is also feature-rich APIs available to use in .NET, NI LabVIEW, LabWindows/CVI, Python and C#/C++-

WATS customers can access pre-developed data converters for standard test systems such as J-Testr from Eiger Design, Teradyne and Keysight ICT testers, Boundary Scan from XJTAG and TAKAYA Flying Probe. Or you can use the in-product data converters for the ATML format, WATS Standard Text Format and WATS Standard XML Format.

WATS is capable of reading any existing file formats and databases, with the WATS Client and our well-documented data conversion technology.


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