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All industries are faced with the challenge of digitalization; timely data processing and response. For some this can be simple data such as temperature readings, for others complex and computational-heavy data such as vibration, ultrasonic or RF signals. Flawless availability of this data is often key to competitiveness, absence can quickly cause major damages to a company.

At Virinco, we understand the importance and complexities of this. We work closely with our customers and their requirements, to understand the underlying need. We don’t default to design after specification, we also act as advisors on aspects such as computational capabilities, response time, system reliability, certifications and much more.

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Monitoring and Control?

Discuss your project with Petter.

Petter Borthwick
+47 918 16 963

Knowledge and tools

Data Logging

  • Portable Data Loggers
  • High Performance DAQ Systems
  • Distributed Monitoring Systems
  • Dynamic Signal Acquisition

Control systems

  • Real-Time Systems
  • Robotics & Vision Guided Motion
  • Process Control
  • Local and Web Based HMI

Spectral Monitoring

  • Software Defined Radio / NI USRP

NI Platform

  • LabVIEW
  • TestStand
  • CompactRIO/ CompactDAQ