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Our Test


Virinco´s unique family of test platforms deliver scalable solutions for fast and efficient testing that maximizes equipment investments.

Scalable, Flexible and Versatile

From the most straightforward functional test to a fully automatic in-line test handler. We can provide test platform solutions that helps you to improve and control your production and product quality.

Building our hardware and software experience into your needs and requirements. Supporting you all the way in the selection of test solutions to ensure the effectiveness, speed and quality of the testing for your products.

Virinco enables product quality for you!

Platform key features
  • Low initial cost
  • Smart build-up
  • Smart & reliable connector bay
  • Flexible instrument configuration
  • Low to high-speed testing
  • Radio test enabled
  • SW flexible
  • WATS installed
Platform advantages
  • Extremely flexible
  • Product versatile
  • Customer configurable
  • Proven concept Worldwide
  • PnP – direct to production

We can help you

With our ATE experience, we can make the product production-friendly and can also assist with the complete production test requirements.
Need more information? Contact us.

Our Specialties
  • Customer focus
  • Test development for your needs
  • Strategic solutions from A to Z
  • More than 24yrs test development
  • And 150yrs of combined experience
  • Strong project focus and reporting structure
  • Virinco Test Fixture

Virinco ATE Platform

Virinco Test Platform 1000

Small, flexible and powerful instrument rack.
Put it on or under your table.

Spec sheet

Virinco Test Platform 3000

Medium size rack with it all.
Full test flexibility that fits your needs.

Spec sheet

Virinco Test Platform 5000

Same flexibility but more space.
Fit all your your testing & instruments in one rack.

Spec sheet