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Test Fixtures

Virinco´s unique family of test fixture and platforms deliver scalable solutions for fast and efficient testing that maximizes equipment investments.

Looking for a low-cost flexible Test Fixture solution?

The new Virinco Test fixture solution is a flexible and straightforward low-cost, great for debugging and testing electronics. Virinco designs, engineers, and manufactures high-performance test fixture kits for all industries where electronic assemblies need to be accessed and tested; the fixture fits our new and flexible Test Platform.

The fixture has a robust manual linear push mechanism allowing a low-cost fixture strategy thanks to the exchangeable cassettes. A removable back panel provides custom connectors or test auxiliary circuitry.


Virinco Test Fixture

Our services

Virinco has more than 24 years of experience designing electronics and software. Working closely with customers in a wide range of industries has resulted in comprehensive know-how and understanding of the needs and requirements in each field.

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Discuss your project with Mads.

Mads Dahl
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Finding a company that has the combined ability to develop test strategies as well as manufacture our product was essential for the success of our project. Virinco engineers have practical design experience and considered our test requirements up front instead of as an afterthought.

Virinco Technology has dedicated test engineers to ensure every product meets our strict quality guidelines. We could not have been more happy with how the project turned out.