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Working at Virinco

Do you want to work with applications, infrastructure and professional technology customers?

Interested in a career at Virinco? We are looking for smart and creative engineers who want to join our strong technological team in Drammen. We can offer you challenging and exciting tasks in a strong professional environment.

New work oportunities in Drammen at Virinco
Virinco in Grønland 1, Drammen

What we stand for

The best talent thrives best in flat and forward leaning organizations

Our story

For decades we have proven that Norwegian electronics engineers and tech people can be competitive and win big on the global scene.

We’ve made numerous products that shows that few high-end engineers easily outcompetes low-cost outsourcing.

Our mission

Every day we go to work – we go with an eagerness to make real technology products that were mere fiction just some years ago.

The electronics world has taken so many fundamental leaps, that developing cost-effective products that makes previous concepts into reality has become a feasible play-ground for our team and customers.

Centrally Located in Drammen

Our modern office in the heart of Drammen provides a vibrant workspace for both work and leisure. Join us for a dynamic, enjoyable office experience that balances productivity and fun.

Open job positions

Virinco har ledige stillinger for deg med interesse for hardware og produksjon

Er du kreativ og vil være med på å utvikle nye spennende teknologiske løsninger?

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Vi søker en kreativ teknolog med interesse for Hardware og Produksjon Er du interessert i produksjonsteknikk og teknologi? Vil du jobbe med utvikling av produksjon i verdensklasse? En spennende mulighet…
Tech jobs in Drammen, at Virinco

Unleash Your Tech Potential!

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Are you a tech enthusiast eager to make a real impact in the world of technology? Virinco, nestled in the heart of Drammen, Strømsø Torg, is the place to be!…

We´re seeking System Engineering Students

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Do you want to take your master’s or bachelor’s degree at the University of South-Eastern Norway (USN) while working with applications, infrastructure, and professional technology customers?The USN’s Industrial master’s and…