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Taking the
world beyond 4.0

with Aurora Internet of Things (IoT)


Vicotee want to take the world as fast as possible to and beyond modus 4.0 – where we waste less energy, waste less food, waste less water, waste less money, waste less time and do things smarter.

Why? – because we all should, could and can.
We can measure our waste, and work to reduce it, we can identify our paint points, and remove them – to improve the way we run things. That is why we make cost effective wireless sensors to address global problems – sensors that measure the analog real world & solutions that fetch, gather and analyze data and give us clear address on what to improve.

Check out our Aurora IoT range of sensor solutions and our Vicotee Cloud/App.

We are experts on IoT battery driven sensors, edge computing and mass deployment of cost effective technology that can notch the world fast forward to a better and more sustainable future.


Want to know more about
our IoT sensors?

Discuss your project with Richard.

Richard Pettersen