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Protan, a cornerstone of our own city!

We’re so pleased to announce that Protan has reached out to Virinco Technology with the desire of making an airflow sensor that can work alongside their Ventiflex systems – to detect and alert damages or severe tears on the Ventiflex pipelines.


Because damages or tears causes increased fan loading, this is highly expensive due to increased power consumption. This is a step into making a more sustainable future.

Protan Ventiflex Air is a concept for mines and tunnels in which membrane materials, coupling types and welding technology combine to create a world-class ventilation duct system.

Ventiflex Air was the first flexible ventilation system to be developed and manufactured in Europe. This series’s five Ventiflex duct qualities are based on many years of experience, aerodynamic expertise, and extensive product development.

If you wish to read more about Protan and their Ventiflex, you can read more on their web page.

At the Virinco House our magnificent engineers used Altium for designing PCB schematics and layout. When the airflow sensor is produced we use NI LabVIEW and TestStand for testing and securing that all functions are intact.

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