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At Virinco, attendees were able to witness the Universal Robots UR5e cobot in action at a demonstration hosted by Norsk Cobot senter.

The UR5e, a flexible and collaborative robotic arm, is easy to program, offers an array of uses, and provides a seemingly endless number of additional applications. Kjell Sæther demonstrated with a fast set-up, and moving the cobot to new positions how easy it is to program the cobot and start using it.

Weighing only 15 kg with a payload capacity of 5 kg, this robotic arm allows repetitive and hazardous tasks to be completed safely and efficiently. The event showcased the potential for a small group of Norwegian producers to reduce costs and maintain their operations within the country’s borders. Designers & developers got insight in how to think automation and solutions for smart manufacturing.

It was a fascinating demonstration, providing insights into how this technology can improve industrial processes.

Kjell Sæther from Norsk Cobot senter, demonstrates the cobot UR5e
Kjell Sæther from Norsk Cobot senter