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We are happy to introduce two great new team members at Virinco: Štěpán Žanta, an excellent engineer, and Haldor Åsheim, a masterful creative. They bring fresh perspectives and talents to our company. Let’s learn more about these dynamic individuals.

Meet Štěpán Žanta

Štěpán Žanta joins our Virinco Czech office as a design engineer. Outside of work, he loves climbing mountains, skiing, and engaging in electrical DIY projects. His blend of creativity and technical skill makes him a valuable addition to our team.

I am eager to gain international work experience and I am open to relocating to a different country. Virinco presented an exciting professional growth and development opportunity in my field of expertise.

Welcome to Virinco, Stepan Zanta

Meet Haldor Åsheim

Haldor Åsheim is our new Customer Success Manager for the WATS team. With a background spanning Bergen, Tokyo, Cologne, and Barcelona, Haldor brings a rich mix of global experience and creativity. He uses his innovative thinking to enhance our customer success strategies. Haldor enjoys playing guitar and DJ’ing in his spare time and is also a dedicated volunteer.

I’m excited to join the energetic team at Virinco, where I will have the freedom to bring my ideas to life and ensure the success of our customers worldwide.

Meet Haldor Åsheim, our new Customer Success Manager in the WATS team

These two team members are bringing a burst of creativity and innovation to Virinco.

Welcome aboard to Virinco, Štěpán and Haldor!

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