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Over the years, we at Virinco have firmly established our international presence, now operating offices besides Norway;  in the United States, Switzerland, and now our latest expansion into the Czech Republic. As one of the international leaders in SW and HW Testing Solutions, we’re continually seeking new ways to broaden our horizons and connect with diverse tech communities. We are thrilled to announce the opening of our new office in the heart of the Czech Republic, taking our global footprint one step further.

Expanding Our Presence

With our humble beginnings rooted in Drammen, Norway, we now branch out into the international tech realm, adding the Czech Republic to our growing list of locations. Our team of experts is dedicated to designing, producing, and delivering top-quality solutions. We are enthusiastic about exploring the unique tech landscape in every new territory and bringing local talent on board to enhance our collective expertise.

The Czech Republic, known for its progressive economy and deep-seated tradition of technological innovation, makes for an exciting business landscape. Additionally, its strategic location in the heart of Europe gives us the advantage of expanding our operations. Our office location in Jabolonec is home to several R&D and electronics production companies, and with the presence of Technical University in Liberec, this expansion is not only a choice but an excellent opportunity for our business.

 Our office building in Jabolonec, Czech Republic.

A Warm Welcome to Tomas Petricek

Our Czech office is energized under the leadership of Tomas Petricek.
He shares our excitement for this expansion and says,

“I am excited to explore new opportunities and to become a part of the local tech sector, sharing our insights and supporting the acceleration of technological innovation within this thriving market.”

Tomas’s enthusiasm and readiness to embrace this opportunity reflect our shared commitment to growth and innovation.

With our unwavering dedication to innovation, quality and a growing presence, we look forward to embarking on this exciting journey. The future offers countless possibilities, and we at Virinco are thrilled to step into it.