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Parallel test system that runs 288 units concurrently through a burn-in test.
This user solution has been published at http://sine.ni.com/cs/app/doc/p/id/cs-11613

Remote Yield Monitoring and SPC of Electronics Production Tests Using NI TestStand and Virinco WATS   

ThiTTtfdhis This user solution has been published at www.ni.com.
This user solution has been published at www.ni.com

20 channel data logger 
The data logger was to be used in monitoring a turbine generator. 

In this application it was not necessary to store data if the application had not received a fault-trigger, or an error in the system. A pre-trigger function determined how much data should be stored before and after the fault-trigger was tripped.

The pre-trigger could be configured in a range of 0 to 5 minutes. Whenever necessary, the data could be retrieved in order to observe the chain of events leading up to the error.

The data could also be stored manually. This is an advantage if the customer performs an operation that could affect the system.

The system has a sample rate of 10,000 samples/second. We used LabView to develop the data logger.

Steering mechanism for satellite solar panels  

The test system we produced was to be used to test and verify the steering mechanism’s functions and yield in the lab and also in various test chambers that simulate the conditions in outer space.

The steering mechanism’s functions include: a mechanic connection between the solar cell panel and the satellite, rotating the solar cell panel utilizing a built in optical encoder, and distributing all electrical connections between the solar cell panel and the satellite through a flexible cable.

Main considerations for carrying out this task: 


 A whole range of tests and test setups that need to be executed

  • A whole range of tests and test setups that need to be executed  
  • Knowledge at many levels on the use of the step-motor: software and hardware motor controls and their tuning; step-motor, micro stepping, error stepping, signal and power measurement in the step motor  
  • The instrumentation set up, for verifying the optical encoder's accuracy
  • We produce all programs for steering, measuring, calculating, presentation and storage
  • We also develop some hardware as required

 also developed some hardware as required  

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WATS Mobile App

May 22, 2017
WATS Mobile App - a new tool for WATS on premise and skyWATS.com users.
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Vicotee Njord- launched at Electronica

November 08, 2016
Press release:  Vicotee Njord, the versatile Plug & Play IoT solution based on Linear Technology’s SmartMesh IPTM to be launched at Electronica 2016 
München, Germany, November 8, 2016 - Norwegian company Vicotee AS, part of the Virinco Group, announces the release of Vicotee Njord - a wireless mesh Internet of Things (IoT) sensor interface which utilizes SmartMesh IP™ from Linear Technology Corporation.


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