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Combining product & test SW expertise to the next level – Securing the quality!

Optronics Technology AS, a Norwegian based company, is on a mission to protect all life from hazardous gas by providing the best gas detection safety with world-class optical detection products. Their products are designed, certified, produced in Oslo and delivered with two main focuses – quality and effectiveness.

The mission

Johnny Hermans, Optronics production manager, came to Virinco Technology with a mission; Can you develop the test SW code in NI LabView & TestStand for our calibration test? In need of a user friendly and lean solution for their automated process.

The calibration test at Optronics is one of the test stages the detectors go through in their in-house production.  In this stage, the gas measurements are adjusted and tested through a particular procedure in a specific environment with calibrated amount of gas. This process ensures the best quality on the gas detection for all conditions in the field, as required by the customers. Such a process and setup is perfect for controlling and running with the NI SW platform.

Solution oriented teams

Through smart sharing of documents and collaboration meetings, the team set a flying start to the project. Good documentation and information from Optronics to Virinco Technology enabled the development to meet the solution requirements in time for the mass production start milestone.

In combination with the NI SW solution of the test machines, Optronics signed up for WATS to collect and analyze the test data. WATS have given them the ability to continuous control the quality of the products, enhancing the product quality even further.

Optronics Technology and Virinco Technology collaboration point the way to successful industrial partnerships, combining their expertise to experience measurable value for production solutions.

To partner up with Virinco Technology was a clear choice. We have our expertise in the products as Virinco Technology are the experts in NI SW and testing. We partner up perfectly to meet the solutions needed to meet the customers requirements.” –  Johnny Hermans, Optronics Technology AS.

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