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As a yearly tradition, Virinco selects a charity organization and donate a Christmas gift on behalf of our employees. Last year (2020), we selected Team Rynkeby – Norway, supporting the Norwegian Childhood Cancer Foundation (Barnekreftforeningen).

Christmas 2021, we chose Rett Fram Opplevelser, a non-profit organization in our hometown Drammen, Norway. They work with children, youth and their families – who, for whatever reason, cannot take part in the social community that most others take for granted.

What does Rett Fram Opplevelser do:

  • Arrange birthdays and everyday activities.
  • Arrange different courses in their music and culture room.
  • Indoor activities include painting courses, hobbies,  disco and several outdoor activities.
  • Arrange visits to the public bath, cinema and sports events.
  • Arrange boat trips during the summer holidays.

Read more (in Norwegian):