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This is the story of the Enformer!

The electric power you use everyday is yours! Is it, you probably think? Yes, you sort of own it, or at least you own the right to consume the in the same order of magnitude of power consumption as you did the day before. You can look at it as some kind of subscription scheme. This means that if you normally use 2 MW of power let’s say between 13.00 and 14.00, and the next day you have other plans. Well, in that case, you can actually sell the power you are not using.

However, if you want to sell the power you are not going to use (it’s still confusing, sorry about that, but it’s a fact) you need to connect your asset to a market. That is what we have helped Enfo to do. We’ve made a device, called Enformer, that makes Enfo able to make this connection. The Enformer also makes Enfo able to do peak shaving or Max Guard. Exciting? Defintely!

Why is this important?

Well, this is what is referred to as flexibility in the power industry, meaning that customers are willing to deviate from their original plan. This helps the power grid companies with avoiding spikes in the power grid, and by that hopefully the grid companies can postpone development of the grid, which is highly expensive. Less need for power is one way of making the future more sustainable.

If you want to know more about Enfo, and the exciting developing they are doing, take a look at their web page.

At the Virinco House our magnificent engineers used Altium for designing PCB schematics and layout. When the Enformer is produced we use NI LabVIEW and TestStand for testing and securing that all functions are intact.

Please do take a look at our product development site if you need help bringing an idea into a working product!

Do you want to connect and measure? Please contact one of our assets!