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In Drammen, Norway, 24-year-old Håkon Børge Helling is a dedicated darts player. With 19 years of experience, his journey from a curious child to a national champion is truly inspiring. Introduced to darts by his parents, who were avid players, Håkon’s love for the game has grown over the years. “It’s a hobby that takes a lot of time,” Håkon explains, “but it offers so many experiences, especially travelling around Europe for various competitions.”

This dedication paid off in May when Håkon won the title of Norway’s National Darts Champion. Achieving this amid the 700-800 active players in Norway is a testament to his hard work and skill.

Support from sponsors like Virinco is crucial for Håkon. Virinco, a company dedicated to supporting young local talent, sponsors a few individuals each year to help them pursue their passions. Håkon, one of this year’s beneficiaries, acknowledges the importance of such support, saying, “It costs money, so it’s great to have some support from companies like Virinco.”

We at Virinco are thrilled about his future successes. Håkon is poised for even greater accomplishments, and we are honored to be a part of his journey. Virinco wishes him all the best in the upcoming World Cup in June 2024.

Børge Helling is a dedicated darts player
Håkon Børge Helling after winning a tournament in  Norway, June 2024.
Håkon is testing Virinco’s darts facilities. 🙂