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It is said that technology, software and pushing the boundaries of the electronics domain is what will matter for improving the world going forward. And we concur!

On a daily note and throughout the last 2 decades we have helped customers reach their long-stretch goals – in space, sub-sea, on land and for the oceans.

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At Virinco our only passion is to help you push the boundaries for reaching your technology dreams.

Virinco has more than 20 years track record, serving international high-tech customers. Our deliveries ranges from turn-key engineering projects, engineering consultancy to manufacturing-focused PLM (product lifecycle management) advisory and solutions. In short, we help our customers bring better products and services to the market, faster, and at a lower cost than their competitors.

Our Services

Product development services and Virinco

Product Development

Bringing an idea into a working product

Our customers may come up with great ideas but do not always have the resources to implement that idea. Technology might not even be their field of expertise. Virinco will help you with bringing an idea into a working product, through phases like proof of concept, prototyping, verification, certification and industrialization.

Monitoring and Control

A key to competitiveness

All industries are faced with the challenge of digitalization; timely data processing and response. For some this can be simple data such as temperature readings, for others complex and computational-heavy data such as vibration, ultrasonic or RF signals.

Monitoring control with Virinco
Virinco IoT

Data and Cloud

Developer of commercial cloud applications since 2003

Virinco has extensive knowledge in electronics development and cloud technologies. This combined expertise puts us in a unique position for digitizing your sensor data, making it widely accessible and actionable. We have been building commercial cloud applications and solutions since 2003 with our Test Data Management solution, WATS, and more recently with our sensor data cloud, Vicotee.

Embedded Systems

Cost-effective solutions for an IoT world.

Distributed systems with computational capabilities are rapidly increasing in number with the introduction of IoT. At Virinco, we often use commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware to quickly develop high-performance systems. This allows us to provide highly competitive development cost, time to market and Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Virinco embedded systems
Virinco Automated test

Automated Test

Collect and visualize your test & repair data

Virinco is a leading supplier of Automated Test Equipment with more than 20 years of experience in the field. Working with a multitude of customers within a wide range of industries have given us extensive knowledge about test development.

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Our products

WATS monitor screens


Our prize-winning test software

Integrate any test and repair station to WATS, and democratize your test data. Quickly identify production yield issues, frequent test or product failures, poor test coverage or other performance problems.

Visit: wats.com



Vicotee want to take the world as fast as possible to and beyond modus 4.0 – where we waste less energy, waste less food, waste less water, waste less money, waste less time and do things smarter.

Visit: vicotee.com
Vicotee terminal eye

Virinco Group

Virinco Technology AS

At Virinco we’re all about innovation. Both our in-house innovation, always delivering better solutions and services to our customers. And the innovation taking place at our customers, helping them to bring to life, and industrialize their state-of-the-art ideas.

Virinco AS

Our ward winning software for test & repair data. Integrate any test and repair station to WATS, and democratize your test data. Quickly identify production yield issues, frequent test or product failures, poor test coverage or other performance problems.

Vicotee AS

Vicotee are experts on IoT battery driven sensors, edge computing and mass deployment of cost effective technology that can notch the world fast forward to a better and more sustainable future.