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Virinco has more than 20 years of experience designing electronics and software. Working closely with customers in a wide range of industries has resulted in comprehensive know-how and the ability to understand the needs and requirements in each field. Our engineers are highly skilled.


WATS Quality and Test Data Management system

WATS is an off-the-shelf Quality and Test Management solution, chosen by customers who want real-time test and repair data for monitoring and improving product quality and manufacturing processes. WATS collects and structures Data worldwide, enabling real-time data acquisition, analysis, reporting and management of manufacturing quality.

WATS gives you the operational opportunity to reduce or eliminate the risk of sending non-functioning or inadequate products to the market --producing the strategic benefit of increased corporate value! WATS approach increases productivity and profitability through (1) continuous improvement, (2) increased quality, (3) full transparency in supply chain, (4) full control and traceability of all units and products in production. WATS reduces inefficiencies and minimizes the risk for market claims or recalls.

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Vicotee Plug and Play system

Connect all your Sensor devices with Vicotee HW Interface and make them wireless. Vicotee can easily, effectively and wirelessly connect entire cities using existing technology.

Vicotee can be used wherever sensors are installed for monitoring purposes. Whether it is building automation, environmental monitoring, offshore, green energy, smart cities, healthcare, hospitals or homes, the Vicotee network solution offers more than 99.99999% network reliability even in the most challenging RF environments - equivalent to cabled network reliability!

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