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Virinco has more than 20 years of experience designing electronics and software. Working closely with customers in a wide range of industries has resulted in comprehensive know-how and the ability to understand the needs and requirements in each field. Our engineers are highly skilled.

Virinco products WATS TDM and Vicotee

WATS Quality and Test Data Management system

WATS is a test data management service that transforms test and repair data into actionable information, by providing easy access to yield, trends, statistical parameters and more - all in real time, through your browser! Test Data is collected from your test machines and transferred to a server hosted in a Microsoft Azure cloud, or on your own infrastructure. Advanced alarming will notify you of events and WATS provides a method to investigate problems through predefined reports. WATS is easy to use, easy to implement and easy to integrate with other test and business critical systems.

  • Scalable to support a global manufacturing architecture
  • Link test with repair data
  • True first past Yield calculation

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Vicotee Smart sensors

Vicotee, a Virinco company. Vicotee is a leading Internet of Things company (IoT), delivering Smart Sensors for scalable IoT Solutions to the professional market around the world

Vicotee can be used wherever sensors are needed for monitoring purposes. Whether it is building automation, environmental monitoring, offshore, green energy, Smart Cities, healthcare, hospitals or homes, the Vicotee network solution offers more than 99.99999% network reliability even in the most challenging RF environments - equivalent to cabled network reliability! The system provides ultra-low power, standards-based radio technology, time, frequency, and physical diversity to assure reliability, scalability, wire-free power source flexibility and ease of use.

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Vicotee a leading IoT company, delivering Smart Sensors for scalable IoT solutions