Your partner in Testing. Quality Solutions. product Development.

The purpose of Virinco is to provide technology, solutions and services that increase customers competitiveness in a global market, through increased product quality and process control in R&D, Manufacturing and Customer Service environments.

Who We Are

Virinco supports Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and Contract Manufacturers (CM/EMS) in electronics and mechanical industries, with test strategies, manufacturing test development (ATE’s) and Quality Assurance solutions.

Our typically future oriented customers are dedicated to delivering state of the art quality products, minimizing waste throughout entire value chains. Increasing transparency, traceability and quality throughout internal and external value chains contributes to increase collaboration, cost savings, as well as increased reputation and market value.

Our proven product platforms and engineering capability help value chains to reduce risk & cost, minimize time-to-market, secure brand name value and increase profitability.

With solutions including Engineering levels to Senior Management we contribute to increase customers competitiveness and reach strategic goals.

Our History