Quality Strategy

Where lies true responsibility for Product Quality?  

 Who answers to final customers, employees, management or Shareholder perception of product quality and brand strength: 
  •  Product development (R&D) ? 
  •  Sub contractors ? 
  •  Producer (in-sourcing or outsourcing) ? 
  •  Product owner ? 
  •  Quality Manager ? 
  •  Top management ? 

The goal of any OEM / manufacturing business is to deliver the desired product value to the customer -- balancing the right level of quality with the highest possible efficiency.  The critical factor is therefore for all parts of an organization to share the responsibility for ensuring quality in every step throughout the entire product lifecycle-- from R&D to Customer Service and Senior Management.  Future winners in an increasingly tough global competitive environment will be those committed to delivering products with the right value and quality. 

Latest News


September 14, 2017
ABB Control Technologies selects Virinco´s WATS for Test Data Analysis. 

By selecting WATS we will gain real time information from our production sites globally. We can easily investigate issues that occurs by analysis tools and reports provided in WATS.

WATS Mobile App

May 22, 2017
WATS Mobile App - a new tool for WATS on premise and skyWATS.com users.
Download the app today, for free. 


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