ATE- Automatic Test Equipment


Virinco has long experience in the development of test equipment for hardware components and products. Recently, we have also focused on production automation. Virinco has a solution for a complete order system for electronic equipment production that is totally integrated with TestStand. The solution is based on WATS and web technology from Microsoft.

Through the web application, you can set up and define orders for a plant or sub-supplier. A production planner can define key data (for example, part number, revision, total run, production start, production line, etc.) for the entity to be produced and load up test software to be used in testing the product (UUT). You can also define the series number format and let the application generate serial numbers during production. All information and dependent files are synchronized and down loaded to a WATS Local Server at the sub-supplier.

Those responsible for production at the producer can then log themselves on the web client and get an overview of the planned production. When the producer is ready they can start the order using the application.

The test station that runs a WATS modified TestStand then automatically loads the test SW that has been down loaded for the dedicated machine, so that the operator need not start the sequence manually. The test station can also be configured to start the test automatically if the station is part of a fully automated line.

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Vicotee Njord- launched at Electronica

November 08, 2016
Press release:  Vicotee Njord, the versatile Plug & Play IoT solution based on Linear Technology’s SmartMesh IPTM to be launched at Electronica 2016 
München, Germany, November 8, 2016 - Norwegian company Vicotee AS, part of the Virinco Group, announces the release of Vicotee Njord - a wireless mesh Internet of Things (IoT) sensor interface which utilizes SmartMesh IP™ from Linear Technology Corporation.


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