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Simpro AS

Simpro is an Electronic Manufacturing company with focus on radio applications, highly qualified test department for RF applications, ESS equipment and ATEX production capability.
Flexible production capabilities towards prototyping.

“Our challenges before WATS was Test data management and quality monitoring. First of all we spend a lot of time managing test data, which is very time consuming for an EMS company with a typical “high mix\low volume” production.
Some of our customers consider WATS as a part of their quality control. In addition, database handling in automated testing is reduced to zero. This has further helped us to reduce time spent on test development,” says Ola k. Melien. Test Department Manager in Simpro, Norway.

“With WATS we are able to reduce cost, deliver our products on time, and monitor quality in an expanding company.
The seamless integration with Test Stand leaves WATS with no competitors, in our eyes. With WATS we don’t have to think about test data. Our customers have access to test data with WATS. There is no feature we need that WATS does not offer, states Ola K. Melien

Ola k. Melien
Test department Manager
Simpro AS

Latest News


September 14, 2017
ABB Control Technologies selects Virinco´s WATS for Test Data Analysis. 

By selecting WATS we will gain real time information from our production sites globally. We can easily investigate issues that occurs by analysis tools and reports provided in WATS.

WATS Mobile App

May 22, 2017
WATS Mobile App - a new tool for WATS on premise and skyWATS.com users.
Download the app today, for free. 


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